Neuro-Yoga Institute's 200 hr Instructor Training

Neuro-Yoga’s traditional 200-hour instructor training is a Yoga Alliance-approved curriculum that focuses on all 8 limbs of the practice including adjustments, alignment, anatomy, philosophy and basic Sanskrit vocabulary to teach an all-level hatha yoga class.

While most students complete the training with a desire to teach, regardless of the outcome, the training is an empowering experience of self-discovery physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Students are required to read several books and complete written homework for the course.

*NYI teacher training is 100% bilingual

Industry Standard in Yoga Training

Neuro-Yoga’s instructor training program meets standards set by Yoga Alliance. It is designed for yoga practitioners (with at least 6 months of practice) who are dedicated to deepening their practice and their understanding of yoga by providing the foundational tools to become an inspiring yoga teacher.

Upon completion, certification through Yoga Alliance as a “Registered Yoga Teacher 200” with the benefits offered by Yoga Alliance as an internationally recognized credential that stands as a marker of high quality, safe, accessible, and equitable yoga teaching

Ability to host or rent the studio for hosting your own workshops
-Healing sound equipment
-Singing bowls and tuning forks for the complete chakra system
-Gongs, Ocean Drums, and Crystal Pyramids
-Incorporate Neuro-Yoga training into your own unique style
-Receive personalized and targeted feedback from lead trainers to refine your teaching

Schedule & Curriculum

Saturday & Sunday, once a month, 20-hour personalized training with Izzy. Meeting from 8am-6pm. Attendance is required to all classes.

Neuro-Yoga’s teaching training program runs for 5
months and include:
- September 23 & 24
- October 21 & 22
- November 18 & 19
- December 9 & 10
- January 20 & 21

Included in the course:

- Asana Study (84 postures)
- Eight Limbs of Yoga
- The History of Yoga
- Pranayama
- Meditation
- Anatomy & Physiology
- Yoga Philosophy
- Teaching Practice and Methodology
- The Art of Sequencing
- Subtle Body
- Prenatal Yoga (An overview of topic, not certification of)
- The Business of Yoga
- Ethic of Yoga Teaching

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