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Izzy, Founder and Owner

My journey to becoming a professional yoga instructor began at the Chicago marathon in 2005. Hardly training for the event, I suffered a knee injury, which persisted for months. Working as a medical professional, I tried physical therapy, but it did not help much, yet I assumed it was the only option and I would have to manage the pain. Until one day a friend suggested I try yoga with her. That first class had me hooked and totally took away my knee pain. 

 I quickly learned that yoga is more than just yoga poses, and I wanted to help spread the power of yoga. I began to study all facets of yoga, which led to an even deeper spiritual awakening. This awakening empowered me to combine my nearly 20 years of medical professional experience with yoga methodology.
I developed a unique approach to yoga, that I call Neuro-Yoga, that focuses on alignment of body and breath. In this new approach, we combine the understanding of the body’s natural range of motion with an individual’s state of mind.  

In addition, as a Latina, I recognized the lack of yoga knowledge within the community. As a result, I wanted to not only develop a different approach to yoga, but to also bring it to the Spanish-speaking communities of the Chicago land area. Therefore, all my classes are bilingual.   
I look forward to meeting you in studio and guide you on a journey of a lifetime.  Nos vemos pronto!


Claudia is interested in the emotional well-being of her community. Since establishing in Chicago in 1994, Claudia has worked within the local community in different capacities like at National Museum of Mexican Art and Mujeres Latinas en Accion. This drive to see a healthy community around her is what fuels her teaching style at Neuro-Yoga institute.


Lola aims to build a community of empowerment as she grows in her self-realization. Her journey to connect with her body began with dance and Zumba instruction, but her desire to imbue love led her into creating a mindful practice at Neuro-Yoga, one that she strives to share with all.

How is Neuro-Yoga Different?

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**Unlimited Monthly pack requires minimum 3 month commitment. If you wish to cancel after 3 months, please email us directly.

Neuro-Yoga is not exercise, it is a multi-level therapy working the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Each class is designed to strengthen the ligaments, joints, and muscles to relieve pain. Prevention - avoiding huge hospital bills or long-term pain that people get used to or think is normal to bare.




After this, you're working on your mind and body to reach homeostasis, readying you to face the mental and emotional stress you want to approach. When you're doing this, you're doing multi-level therapy.

Medical Testimonials

As a pain management physician, I am always stressing the importance of yoga as a first-line option to treat and prevent chronic pain. The single most important factor in experiencing the health benefits of yoga is working with highly trained yoga teachers who treat and understand the individual. Izzy does just that. My patients who have worked with Izzy have all seen improvements in their function, mood, and abilities. I give her my highest recommendation.

Ankur P. Dave, MD
Pain Medicine, Anesthesiology

Whether you are new to yoga or are looking for a way to refresh your practice, I highly recommend scheduling a session with Izzy Gandarilla, the founder and studio director of Neuro Yoga Institute.  
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Izzy in a number of capacities over the last 10 years and, in that time, have watched her develop into a leader within Chicagoland’s yogic community.  Izzy’s knowledge of the relationship between the mind and body is complemented by her compassionate and gentle approach.  Not only have I benefited from her teachings, but I have come to appreciate her innate capacity to connect with others as they too developed a more centered approach to life.  

Konstantinos Kostas, PhD
Illinois Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Health Psychology Subspecialty

As a neurologist who for decades has been diagnosing and managing individuals with degenerative brain disorders I recognize the importance of muscular strength, coordination and balance.
It is fundamental in order to preserve adequate movements to exercise and strengthen neural pathways more so when a disease is weakening them.
Not all form of exercise are the same, several clinical studies have shown that Yoga and Tai- Chi are the best practice in helping Parkinson’s Disease patients to slow down degeneration and maintain functional movements.
Not all Yoga practices are the same, it requires sound knowledge of brain functions, spine anatomy and body alignment to design an individualized treatment plan directed to the individual specific needs.
Izzy has acquired those knowledges and has devoted her yoga practice and teaching to improve symptoms and life style of individuals with neurologic conditions.

Concetta Forchetti MD, PhD
Medical Director Memory Disorder Clinic and Clinical Research
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